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We will process your images or even acquire images for your processing needs. Please go to Service Quote Form to get the pricing.

On-line Services and Processing

Consulting, Integration and Customization Services
Embedding or integrating an imaging application into a turn-key solution could be a tedious and costly process. There is such a variety of the applications and software packages that it often requires a highly trained professional to distinguish a productivity enhancer and solution provider from a money drainer.

Almen Laboratories is staffed with recognized and highly professional scientists and engineers (please visit our Advisors page).

The process of engagement is very simple and effective. After the company has received one of the following:

  • A description of the problem you have;
  • The solution you are seeking (may be as simple as user scenario);
  • The software and functionality you are looking for.

Almen Labs will confidentially review the case (all imaging cases require sample images to be submitted). If additional questions need to be asked, Almen will contact you. Otherwise Almen will send you its conclusions and an estimate of the services it can provide. The time of response will vary subject to the complexity and uniqueness of each case. All inquires will be processed in the order the company receives it. However, you may indicate an urgency and Almen Labs will try to accommodate your request within a given time frame (that may cause an additional fees).

If after this study it is determined that the case is out of Almen's expertise, the company will try to refer you to the appropriate business or educational area. As a gesture of good will Almen Labs provides a very rich Links page with references to other vendors, industrial groups, scientific centers, magazines and universities.

An estimate that requires less than half an hour of the case study is FREE. If an estimate appears to require more half an hour, Almen Labs will notify you and need your written approval before continuation. This guarantees that you will not be overbilled.

Pricing policies
The company will gladly provide consulting and software integration services on a fee for service basis.

Sometimes the study will show that customization of Almen Labs' software is required. Any customization is an engineering investment and needs to have a financial justification. If customization is requested or required to provide the solution, Almen Labs will indicate on its estimate what the upfront and non-refundable fees would be. All these fees need to be received by Almen Labs before any project will be scheduled. However Almen Labs will do its best to accommodate your needs.


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