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The Image Companion® Short Overview
Image Companion® is a Windows 98/NT/2000/XP end-user package for grayscale, black-and-white and color (converted to grayscale) image processing, object segmentation, measurement and search. It is a set of tools that allows any person to analyze and understand an image. Users can target a whole file, an object, or a Region of Interest within an image. A set of histogram and statistical parameters are produced that can be used for further export, search or analysis. A parameter profile can also be created for subsequent use by a third-party application (Desktop applications, OCR search, etc.). The product has a Macro capability that enables the user to execute previously saved functions or macros (including Group Macros) automatically. Macro Libraries can be created and associated with particular image. The system allows the user to create, add, edit and maintain his/her own objects (areas) parameters. Please visit our Sample Data Imaging and Sample Data Statistics page to review examples of types of images the product processes very successfully. This product is available in OEMable library form with standard API.

The Image Companion® employs user-friendly screens, designed in standard formats that allow the user to quickly familiarize himself with the program. Menu system is customizable (for additional charges) so it can easily accommodate "private label" distribution model.

Screen shot of Data Companion® Menu and selected processing results


  • LUT/Enhancing/ROI
  • Automatic and Manual Stretch
  • Filtering Functions
  • Edge Detection
  • Edge Enhancement
  • Sharpening Functions
  • Dilation Functions
  • Manual Editing
  • Calibrating
  • Special Functions (Activate Object, Delete Activated Object)
  • Image Annotation
  • Image Draw
  • Manual Segmentation
  • User Guided Semi-Automatic Segmentation
  • Single Layer Segmentation
  • Multi Layer Segmentation
  • Measuring
  • Sorting
  • Profiling
  • Histograms
  • Statistics
  • Search for Object(s)
  • Similarity Indexing
  • Search for Template
  • Search for Multi-Component Template
  • Export to Excel
  • Generic Export
  • Macro Library
  • Batch Processing
  • User Defined Measuring
  • Image Format Conversion

Image Companion® is a powerful image processing and analysis technology designed to provide a wide variety of affordable imaging solutions to meet the needs of various types of users. Intuitive, easy to learn and operate, the software supports various classes of biomedical images. The technology is available in an end-user product, named Image Companion®. Functional libraries with customized APIs can be prepared for OEM partners. The list below indicates general functionality.

System Highlights

System Requirements
Companion Product
Special Promotions
  • Intel PII or higher
  • 64MB RAM minimum
  • At least 800x600 pixels resolution with 256 or higher colors support
  • Windows 98, Windows NT/2000/XP
  • Data Companion® provides for full correlation, regression and multifactor analysis
  • Unique statistical weights analysis
  • Can exchange data with Image Companion® through a Metafile
  • Government, Volume, Educational and Academic discounts
  • Installment Financing with verified credit
  • Discount on customization
  • 30-days money back
  • Quotation through the Web site or facsimile - no sales calls

Sample Results
Sample of Image Companion® screenshots with:

Processing Results for Mammorgaphy
Processing Results for Cytology
Processing Results for Ultrasound

(Please visit our Sample Data Imaging and Sample Data Statistics pages to review other examples of imaging solutions)

Lite Version of Image Companion®

A Lite version of Image Companion® is available with reduced functionality and a much lower threshold of pricing. This version allows an easy and discounted upgrade path to a full functional product.

For a limited time only you can process your data free of any charge with our real time on-line engine of Data Companion®

The Data Companion® Short Overview
Data Companion® is a Windows 98/NT/2000/XP end-user package for correlation, regression and multi-factor data processing and analysis. It's a set of tools that allows a knowledgeable person to analyze the numerical results or observations and understand them. Users can input the whole result file or extract only a subset of interest. A set of tables and statistical parameters are produced which can be printed or used for further export, search or analysis. A result file can also be created for subsequent use by a third-party application. The product has a comprehensive set of application specific parameters which enables users to execute functions automatically. Please visit our Sample Data Statistics or Sample Data Imaging pages to review examples of an input data. This product is available in OEMable library form.

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