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Almen Labs is creating pioneering imaging software solutions customizable to a variety of biomedical markets. The company is a leading developer and supplier of comprehensive, easy-to-use and highly innovative software applications that advance productivity of image and data processing, computer-aided detection, diagnostic imaging support and image retrieval for a variety of customers and markets. The CompanyвЂôs flagship product in non-diagnostic niches is Image Companion, that enhances, filters, sharpens and profiles digital images or Regions of Interest within digital images, as well as detects, counts, measures and searches objects for similar to selected template(s) object(s) or even template image. In the retrieval application a storage device in the database or dedicated directory stores a plurality of images, additional information for identifying each of the plurality of images and calculated feature data for identifying each of the images. The developed software system inputs additional informational data for identifying a desired image stored in the database. The system selects a first set of candidates as the desired image by comparing the input unique processing information with the stored needed information for each of the stored set of images.

The system enables input of a template image or certain elements of the image and then generates output based on the feature data from the input template image. While equally successful in application to a variety of different types and modalities images, all processing and analysis is independent of the image sources. Enabled with non-scripting Macro Libraries capability and batch processing, this simple-to-use Windows 98/NT/2000 based software facilitates computer-aided detection, "second reading", and biomedical information retrieval automation at the same time reducing operating costs, improving analytical accuracy and easy user barrier to complete automation in clinical lab and hospital information system environment. The company has developed a fully functional statistical package to simplify and at the same time advance post-processing of exported numerical results of image analysis and CAD.

The software works with standard imaging formats such as DICOM, TIF, BMP, PCX, DIB, etc. Customization is available at extra charge. Training for a fee and one free benchmark is offered.

Standard Annual Support includes:

  • fax-on-demand, in the order it is received;
  • e-mail-on-demand in the order it is received;
  • 10% discount on the next case study fees;
  • 10% discount on on-line service fees;
  • 10% discount on additional Almen's software purchases;
  • 50% discount on software upgrades.

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Data Companion®

Data Companion is a fully functional statistical package simplifies and advances post-processing of exported numerical results of image analysis and computer-aided detection. The system features include correlation, regression and multi-factor analyses, as well as unique statistical weight estimations for major contributing factors. Output is in numeric or graphical forms exportable to any word-processing application. All software can be modified to be used in mobile computer configurations, real time imaging and is OEM ready due to its robust framework, detachable user interface, compact size and optimization for speed of performance. The components can be used in ASP model (OEM Library only).

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